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"My 2018 KBF has been a really exciting time. It is my first season competing with the NYKBF. Coming in I was just looking forward to fishing new lakes, learning new techniques, testing my skill against other anglers, and of course catch some big fish. I've done all that, but what's really amazed me is how many really great people I have met. The group of anglers here is really friendly.
Everyone supports one another, helps each other, and makes every event a really fun experience even when the fish aren't biting"
~Tyler Sweet, Norwich-NY
"This is fun and addicting. Fishing with the group has been a lot of fun and it is the first time since leaving the military that I have found a group of people that I wanna hang out with.
Thanks TDs for the hard work and let's keep fishing!"
~Jose Vuittonet, Rochester - NY
I have fished multiple different boat tournament series with a very competitive environment but most had a “selfish” atmosphere. While I wanted to do everything I can to win, I’m always willing to help out others and if a spot is big enough, I don’t mind sharing. That is what I love about NYKBF. There is such a competitive nature but at the same time it’s very encouraging of everyone having a good time. I’ve won boat tourneys and it’s been a negative environment but when I’ve won in NYKBF, it’s always been positive feedback from everyone. It’s very rare in NYKBF to find someone who is disrespectful and unfair. Most people are willing to help each other out and while still doing whatever they can to win.
It’s an awesome atmosphere to be around and compete.
~Bailey Eigbrett, Conesus - NY
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