Check out this link for all the rules and guidelines and our tournament series follows very strictly. Never be afraid to ask questions! 

2020 VIP Membership Program

Price: $50.00

The VIP Members program is something new for 2020. Purchasing this membership gives the purcheser:

  • $10.00 off every LIVE CLUB tournament hosted by NYKBF for the 2020 season.(does not include the KBF Live KBF Tournament Trail events).

  • $5.00 off every ONLINE CLUB tournament hosted by NYKBF. (This events do not include the KBF State Month Longs). 

  • an Exclusive NYKBF Members only T-shirt and Vinyl Stickers at their next event.

  • one (1) year free online membership  to Kayak-Anglers Magazine

  • Entrance into the 2020 AOY (Angler of the Year) Contest! 

    • there will be a one week "grace period" for anyone interested in getting into AOY

    • Members are the only ones eligable for the AOY prizes.

    • AOY will be calculated by the 7 LIVE NYKBF tournaments.

    • AOY will be the total length of the top 5 tournaments fished by the competitor out of our 8 eligible tournaments, the more you fish the better your chances for a top score.


  • Events greater than 15 anglers will award 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.  All others just 1st and 2nd.

  • With a 40 person event the winner will can home just over $500 in cash and prizes

  • Participation in 2 LIVE events will make you eligible to compete for the State Championship.

  • After the State Championship the points will be totaled and the Grand Prize will be awarded.

  • Top 5 anglers are invited to the KBF National Championship

  • Online tournaments will pay 1st place 1-10, 2nd 11-15, 3rd 16+

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