2021 Angler of the Year

1. Pat Veomett
The 2021 Angler Of The Year will be named by taking a NYKBF member's 5 largest tournament bags throughout the whole regular season (with ONE DAY of the championship eligible to be part of the 5 events) 

Current 2022 AOY RACE
1. Bailey Eigbrett 55pts
2. Nate Yacuzzo 37pts
3. Scott Reynolds 35pts
4. Ben Phillips 34pts
5. Jake Moulton 33pts
6. José Vuittonet 31pts
7. Forrest Buchan 28pts
8. Josh Brewer 28pts
9. Paul Donovan 26pts
10. Brandon Lewis 24pts
11. Jake Brunette 23pts
12. John Ziecker 22pts
13. Jacob Turner 22pts
14. Dan Robinson 20pts
15. Beau Canzoneri 20pts