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NYKBF- Partnership proposal


Who We Are

NYKBF (New York Kayak Bass Fishing) is a state wide tournament trail and community devoted to all things Kayak Bass Fishing. Since its formation in 2017 we have seen it grow into much more than just a tournament trail, it is becoming a lifestyle here in the state. Literally doubling every year in membership and in average attendance NYKBF has quickly become the premier tournament trail within the region. 


2023 NYKBF schedule option 2.png

Our Tournaments have quickly become the "must attend" events of the summer for anglers throughout the region, even outside of the state of New York. Having competitors attend each event from areas like Ohio, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and even Canada. It is this growth that have made us want to build our tournaments into more than just a day of kayak fishing, we have made these dates, "events". Every location is paired with a local chamber of commerce as well as a local Restaurant or Business located on the body of water we fish, our awards are held at the establishment and competitors sit and share stories with one another about their day on the water, helping enhance everyone's experience of the day. 



From this in 2017

75 Anglers in 2022!

Since being formed in 2017 we have seen immense growth within our community as well as our tournament attendance. Tournaments in 2017 averaged 10 anglers at an event. Because of the hard work, professionalism and skill sets that our Tournament Directors bring to our series, in 2019 NYKBF had an average attendance of 55 anglers at a live event, with the largest topping out at 62 anglers.  2020 being a crazy time for everyone, no one could tell what our tournaments would be like, but through creative problem solving to stay within NY's strict rules, we have shown even more growth and a live event toping off at 65 anglers and over 100 paid members! 


NYKBF's tournaments are open to the public and we welcome anyone to sign up and participate. However we do have a paid membership program that we encourage people to sign up for; because it comes with some amazing perks!

When someone signs up as a "Member" they are granted access to discounted registration fees, discount codes to our amazing partners, entrance into the Angler of the Year race, as well as a members only t-shirt! 


Since doing these we have seen a huge spike in competitor involvement as well as brand loyalty with our partners. Our members really go out of their way to support the brands that support our series. 


2019 was the first year we developed the membership program and at the end of the season we had 70 paid members as part of NYKBF. This number as amazing to us, and we were so proud that our competitors believed in us so much to commit like they did. As of right now in 2022 we are at over 100 paid members with a lot of them being repeat members! It is great to see that even in these hard and crazy times we are still showing growth within our community. This really makes us excited to see what a healthy 2023 can bring us! 

Social Media

From starting our pages in 2017 we have seen great growth on Facebook, Instagram as well as YouTube. We work hard of building out numbers through high quality and frequent content. This content also showcases our partners heavily in light of their products actually being used or displayed throughout all of our photos, videos, and live streams.  

Sponsorship Opportunities 

NYKBF prides itself on its professionalism while dealing with its partners and strives to make sure that every relationship formed is a two way street. We always have photographers on hand during tournaments as well as the awards ceremonies for the sole purpose of getting great content of our members using our partners products! We use our social media outlets to highlight our members and our partners as much as possible and always use high quality content that our partners have complete access to if they choose.

We offer multiple partnership platforms and are willing to customize to fit the needs of the partner. Check out the below tiers and see where your company might be interested in. As always we are available to talk and work with you on getting you involved with our organization. 


gold level

$2000.00 in cash or Prizes / 30%+ discount to members


silver level

$1000.00 in cash or Prizes / 15-25% discount for members


Bronze Level

$500.00 in cash or Prizes / 5-10% discount code 

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